6P3P Tube Amplifier DIY Amplifier Class A Single-end Tube Amplifier Kit


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Description:Machine 220v resistance with a new componentThis is DIY KIT, you need to solder it by yourself.Tubles: 5Z4P+6N1+6P3P6p3p tube amp kit, tube amplifier.Single-ended armor class 7w + 7w output 4 ohm 8 ohm two portsThis product uses 6N1 lines constitute the input stage.Power amplifier level 6P3P standard connection, 6P3P for the entry-level products,Line design is reasonable, well-produced, but also play to the realm of fever 6P3P.Introduction to Line:1, the input voltage amplifierThe circuit has a small distortion, low noise, wide frequency response characteristics, is one of common line of power amplifier circuit at present.2, the power output stagePower tube 6P3P standard connection, the signal from the control gate (5 feet) input, screen grid (4 feet) and power + B1 directly connected. This connection is characterized by: high amplification efficiency. To achieve the characteristics of the power amplifier tube table provided by the output power. R6 is the output stage cathode resistance, the output stage gate negative pressure determined at -19.5V. 6P3P screen voltage of 300V, gate negative pressure of -19.5v, screen flow of 60mA, for Class A amplification, the output power of about 7.5W, basically meet the requirements of the general home environment playback.3, the power circuitPower supply circuit using the traditional tube rectifier, CLC-π-type filter,Not only to maintain the traditional Danji musical flavor. But also to achieve harmony and balance the whole sound.By the power transformer 220v secondary output of dual 3000V voltage by 5Z4P full-wave rectifier, the output 100Hz one-way pulsating DC by C6, L1, C7 composed of CLC-π filter to be a smooth DC high voltage. Tube rectifier in the boot process through the preheating process without high-pressure impact, with the protection of the role of the tube, which is used in the power amplifier circuit is particularly important when the price of the tube. CLC-π filter filtering effect is good, low power internal resistance, to reduce noise and improve the overall dynamic has great benefits.Package included(Complete set of components):6n1 + 6p3p list of componentsWood side panels *23mm screw *8Power Transformer 1300v * 2 6.3v 5v 3.15v * 2 86 x 50Output transformer 3.5k * 2 66x32Blocking ring 5H * 1Chassis * 1Chassis Foot * 4Signal input socket * 2Output socket * 6Power outlet * 1Switch * 1Potentiometer 100K * 1Potentiometer knob * 15z4p stock gall * 16n1 stock gall * 16p3p stock gall * 2Big eight feet tube seat * 3Small nine – pin socket * 1330uf / 450v * 147uf / 450v * 122uf / 450v * 1470uf / 35v * 20.33uf / 630v * 2100uf / 25v * 21k * 247k * 2470k * 222k * 1 2w330 * 2 5w2k * 2100 * 2Double shielded cable 20cmCasing 15cmsoldering line 2m3mm4mm screw nut(each of 16pcs)


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