Personalized Services

Data Solutions

Data sizes are growing and almost every Ontario resident needs a solution to protect their family photo's, video's and computer data. It's something most people procrastinate about until they loose all those precious moments forever. So don't wait until that happens to you, just give us a ring and we'll protect all those family photo's and encrypt your important data so you can keep it safe. You'll always have a copy of your data when you need it.

We help you backup and protect your family photo's and personal data from file corruption and data loss. You can schedule a time to drop off your hard drive, smartphone, Mac or PC or we'll be happy to come to your house and create a backup solution that fits your needs. We can backup your iPhone data and all Apple computers. We can do it all, even all your Linux and Windows machines.

Custom Linux Computer

If you're tired of getting viruses on your Window's PC, then we'll get you set up on a Linux Desktop Solution. It's a great way to save money and protect your personal Photo's, NFT's, Digital Currencies and Personal Data.

Using a Linux Desktop is easier than ever. It's a rock solid operating system without all the headaches. It's ready for you to be happy with the apps you need. And they're all free. Linux has all the app's you can imagine, from email, web browsers, video editing, photo editing, Skype and many more!

We'll take the time to set you up with everything you need for your happiest computer experience with all the data storage you could ever need! You'll have ton's of space for all your home video's and photo's.